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Your Inspection Continues – HVAC Vendor

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Air Conditioning
Date: Sun, Sep 4th 2016 9:27 am

Today we will go over the Findings the Heating and Air Conditioning technician has found (HVAC for short).  It is always a good idea to get an AC/Heating tech out to inspect the Heating and Cooling system.  It you know it is a newer home, then you have a better idea of the age.  The older homes have probably had their system replaced at least once, and it is not always known how old the units are.  Your HVAC tech can run the serial/model numbers to get you all the detail you need to make a decision on your path to replacing or not.

In this case, there is one really old AC Unit outside the house and an updated (past 15+ years) heater and blower inside the house.  The ducting is very old and some joints are coming loose.  You can have the HVAC tech reattach those loose joints and provide you with some idea on how dirty the ducting is.  Knowing that this ducting is at least 30 years old will easily help you with your decision.  The HVAC units all check out as to them “working”, but you also have to understand that “working” in this case will cost you a lot more in electricity/gas.  The HVAC is holding good pressure and producing nice cool air (95 degrees this day).  You have the option to keep the system and make sure your seller provides a Home Warranty, so you know it will have repairs under warranty (except the service fee…$70-$150 depending on what plan you have). 

The heating unit is showing no signs of failure or inadequate heat distribution.  The HVAC tech points out that there are many safety systems this older unit is lacking.  One of them has to do with the potential of a CO leak.  Wow….that is something to really think about.

So, after a thorough checkup the HVAC tech provides all the Pros and Cons to the system for your consideration.  Do you want to leave the old system in place for another year or so, thus allowing you to save some money over the next 12-18 months, or do you currently know you have the budget to replace it now?  If you replace it now or later, you do know that you want to replace ALL the ducting as well.  The HVAC tech gives you some general idea on replacement costs and in this case, you are looking at $12,000-$15,000, depending on what brands/models you choose. 

Keep this number in mind (document it on your budget tracking spreadsheet) as it will go with the overall Rehab Budget and provide some input on what Upgrades you decide in the overall Rehab project.  If you can hold off on getting the HVAC replaced, then you can put a little more money towards the Rehab project.  It is really up to you and the numbers.

Next week we will go over the CL100 Report.

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