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Posted By: Carolyn Salzillo In: Home Decorating
Date: Wed, Aug 31st 2016 10:13 am

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The gallery wall is by no means a revolutionary idea, however it is one that has incurred growing interest with the rise of sites such as Pinterest and Houzz. In almost any home tour I click through on sites like Houzz or personal and lifestyle blogs, the one thing they all have in common is this famed gallery wall. Each is unique in its own way, but nonetheless it's there.

These gallery walls range anywhere from exquisite and designer inspired to DIY-created and full of personal touches. Either way, the gallery wall is the perfect solution for the empty wall in your entry foyer, the space over your bed in the guest room, or the empty stairwell. 

While some gallery walls are completely curated from expensive prints and designer home goods items, I tend to favor the gallery wall that would allow me to add personal touches that might not fit elsewhere- such as pages from favorite books, wooden initial letters, old ticket stubs, handwritten letters, dried flowers and small trinkets. 

I'll agree with those of you who think creating a gallery walls sounds like a daunting task, because it does. After reading some posts and looking at some inspiration on Pinterest, I've decided the first step to creating a gallery wall is to decide where the gallery wall is going to go and about how many frames or items it will take to make your wall look full. After you've figured out that much, see how many unused frames you can pull from around your own house, or stop by a thrift shop to purchase some inexpensive frames. After you have the frames you can decide whether you want to spray paint them or leave them the way they are. Once that's done comes the fun part- figuring out which items you want to put on display in your gallery wall. 

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