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Window Treatments: Go Big or Go Home

Posted By: Shay Edney In: Design and Staging
Date: Fri, Jul 22nd 2016 11:10 am

When it comes to curtains, size matters. Maximize the look of your windows with these practical tips:

Shay Edney - Window curtains

  1. Height – This is the number one recommendation I could make>place the top of the curtain as high as you can possibly go nearly to the ceiling. This will create a stunning visual and draw the eye upward.

  2. Length – At a minimum, curtains should appear to be touching the floor or very close. I personally like puddling. It creates a sophisticated and elegant look. 

  1. Placement - I have never used curtains for privacy. Rather, for making a room look the best it possibly can look. Place the edge of the curtain at the edge of the window so you can’t see where the window stops. By not being able to see the end of the actual window, this creates an illusion making it appear larger than it really is. 

  1. Three is key – I don’t see many people doing this but have you ever heard the statement “things look better in odd numbers”? If I have a large window, I will always choose 3 over 2 every time. 
  1. Grommet – Once I went grommet, I have never purchased anything else. Its totally personal taste but grommet curtains will give you straight clean lines and an elegant look. 

Make the most of your space and remember to go big with floor to ceiling curtains to create a dramatic visual. Contact me today if you need help with design, staging, or getting a house ready to sell.