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The Infamous Windjammer

Posted By: Jenny Daly In: Isle of Palms SC
Date: Thu, Nov 17th 2016 9:56 pm

The Infamous Windjammer

                                                                   The Windjammer at the Isle of Palms  is  long time staple of the Isle of Palms. When I first relocated to the Charleston area in the early 80s, it was the 1st bar that I frequented often. It was a one story beach bar with pinball machines, pool tables and a sand floor with the smell of beer and freshly popped popcorn. It was an easy drive over from Mount Pleasant on the weekends as there was not much traffic at night in those days. The bar was opened a few years before in the 70s by brothers, Malcolm and James Burgis.   In 1980, a young Bobby Ross had acquired a large tab and began bartending to work off his bill.  He became a manager a couple of years later and then a co-owner by the later 80s. He started lining up bands to play in the tavern. From then, it grew into one of the best music venues in the Charleston area. But on September 21,1989 Hurricane Hugo hit the area, devastated the Isle of Palms, and washed out The Windjammer. But they decided to rebuild and 9 months later The Windjammer reopened with huge fanfare from all the local news media. I also lived on the Isle of Palms at the time and recall feeling that began to give us a semblance of normalcy. The musical line up continued to be phenomenal including Drivin' n Cryin', Hootie and the Blowfish (that I enjoyed them many times), Cracker, Chairmen of the Board, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain as well as local favorites such as the Killer Whales and Cowboy Mouth.

In addition to all the great bands that continue to be booked there, the Windjammer has volleyball, bikini contests and great food.  It continues to be a local favorite as well as drawing in tourists. Plus, it's a great area on "the front beach" of the Isle of Palms just to hang out to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea.Windjammer

Jenny Daly

Realtor, AgentOwned Realty