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Will you be legal after tomorrow

Posted By: Liz Loadholt In: About AgentOwned Realty
Date: Wed, Jun 29th 2016 12:22 pm

Liz Loadholt    Mama Liz says:

Does your real estate license expire tomorrow?

To check your expiration date, click here.

To renew your license, click here

Do you still need continuing education hours to renew your license?

Here is the information for your discounted online continuing education:

In order to get the discounted online continuing education,

you need to:

1) go to the site

2) click into South Carolina

3) then enter your registration number which is “mamaliz”

The course catalog page will refresh and the pricing will change.

You can buy just the CORE course or you can buy some electives,also. After you complete the purchase, you will be given a unique username to enter into your account from then on.