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Will West Ashley Revitalization Increase Home Values

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston Events
Date: Tue, Jul 18th 2017 8:25 am

I attended the West Ashley Revitalization Commission meeting this past Wednesday (July 12).  I personally have interest in this subject as I just moved into this neighborhood (just south of Avondale) a year ago.  Here are some links to the Official Site and docs as I am not a Chairperson for this commission. 

  1. Main Government Site -
  2. City's West Ashley Page:
  3. Plan West Ashley -

So, the question still remains.  What will this Revitalization Project do for Home Values?  If we take a step back you should already know that Mayor Tecklenburg and the commission have been working on this for about a year and I am seeing many little projects around the area. 

  1. Updating Intersections to Increase traffic flow and make them safer for everyone (especially pedestrians).
  2. Added boat landing for more public access to water (Ashley River and Cosgrove).
  3. Getting new business to come into West Ashley – Whole Foods was a big deal as you know.
  4. Holding many Planning Meetings like the one I attended last Wednesday.

Here is a Summary of what I heard from the meeting and my opinions on the whole plan moving forward (sorry….it is so long, noting the meeting went pretty long as well).

  1. Regional Transportation Planning – It seems that an Express Bus solution is high on the list for some I-26 Congestion solutions. There was a slide about cost comparisons of Bus VS Rail to build and maintain and the Bus Solution seems most practical.  The Rail Solution would be cost prohibitive and thus pricing of tickets to ride could be over $10/ride, which we all know would not go over too well for riders.  There was a lot of discussion by the commission on how to incorporate the ½ cent gas sales tax into all of this, as it is slated for road improvements.  The Mayor explained it should be considered completely separate to other solutions as it is already allocated for specific projects.
  2. Citywide Transportation Study – Over 80% of the people who live in West Ashley and work, go to their jobs outside of West Ashley. This is a big issue as traffic will only get worse, and the commission is trying to figure out how to encourage businesses to Invest in West Ashley so people can have shorter commutes or use bikes/busses or walk.  This Study also has to incorporate the Overall Plan at the Regional Level, so a lot of coordination with many other factions is required. I wish them luck on that…as we know that the more groups involved the less that will get done due to everyone having their say/demands on things.  This is nothing new though for Any Government agencies.
  3. Outside Consultants discussed Post-Charrette work (community meetings and workshops - 65 Tables of Citizen Planners over 4 events) on Infrastructure & Sustainability, Community Design & Land Use, Economic Development and Housing. This was a preliminary Plan which looked a bit short on substance.  I then realized in the Agenda that they were there to get More Feedback from the commission specifically on Transportation.

Short Opinion on The Plan.  This team of professionals (public, government and private business) will continue to discuss all the issues and concerns brought up during the charrettes to try to come up with the best solutions for the citizens of West Ahsley.  Some mistakes will be made and some successes will be made.  Will it increase our Home Values?  I am thinking Yes, but they also have to contend with Affordable Housing.  How long before we see Home Values go up (noting the home values have increased a lot over the past 3-5 yrs)..?  That all depends on what pieces of this Big Puzzle get approved (then completed), noting some dates discussed were pushed way out to 2025, 2040, etc.  As an example, there was a discussion on having Personal Public Transport rails installed on Savannah Highway and other areas as they are very easy to get setup compared to rail and others.

There is a lot on the table at these meetings, so overall, it will take a lot of time to get everything addressed, presented and voted on.  I will post an update once I have something more substantial in the coming weeks.  I think Plans will be getting more favor as time goes on as they will make more sense.  This meeting felt like a fire-hose of information and a few members of the public and the commission felt a bit overwhelmed.

I am looking forward to the next post and always keep me in mind when you or someone you know, is ready to buy or sale Real Estate.

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