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Why Pay For a Gym Membership When You Have This in Your Neighborhood?

Posted By: Jenny Daly In: Planters Pointe
Date: Tue, Aug 2nd 2016 10:42 pm

Jennyh Dalyh -- Planters Pointe Playground

Why pay for a gym membership when you can walk/jog to a variety of stationary, outdoor fitness stations throughout your neighborhood? If you live in Planters Pointe, you can take your morning walk or jog and stop at the exercise stations scattered throughout the trails. You like to row? Try out the seated rower. Or is biking more your style? We have a stationary bike to build up your calf muscles. How about an elliptical or a leg curl machine?

Yes, Planters Pointe has them all along with many others. Many of the fitness Jenny Daly - Planters Pointe Playgroundstations are built for two so you can have someone join if you want that companionship in your exercise routine. Kids love them too! So move to our neighborhood and get all the exercise you need between the pool, tennis courts, walk/jog/bike trails and fitness equipment throughout the neighborhood!

Jenny Daly