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Why I chose AgentOwned (Part 1)

Posted By: Markie Sheets In: About AgentOwned Realty
Date: Wed, Sep 28th 2016 11:41 am

I have not always been at AgentOwned. As a matter of fact, I worked for a builder a month ago. 

As a model home agent, I came across SO MANY agents in the area from SO MANY different companies. When I decided to go into general brokerage, I knew I had SO MANY different options. Knowing that I had all these different options; I figured one of the best ways to make the decision easier was to decide which company's agents I had the best experience working with overall, which company's agents I would use if I decided to leave real estate. 

My previous experience with agents from AgentOwned was wonderful - they represented the majority of agents I came across that I viewed as professional. Many qualities made these real estate agents professional and I knew that they must have a great support system.

The agents at AgentOwned were one of the many reasons I decided on AgentOwned. I'll post about the amazing support system here at AgentOwned next week! 

Markie Sheets, Realtor