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Why a Fathers Day

Posted By: Liz Loadholt In: Fathers
Date: Sun, Jun 19th 2016 3:14 pm

Why Father’s Day

Greg DayJust yesterday, I heard a friend, Greg Day,  who was responding to “Happy Father’s Day” say “Everyday is Father’s Day to me -- my children make me feel special every day.”

In thinking about that, I feel every father would feel that way.  Then, there would be no need for a special day to celebrate fatherhood. Everyday would be that special day.

So, maybe a lesson is here for all children --- if any of you children are reading this, why not begin this path of making everyday “Father’s Day” for your father.  No, that doesn’t mean that you give him material gifts everyday. You only need to give him a smile, a pat on the back, a thank you, a hug or a phone call.  As a matter of fact, most fathers that I know would prefer these small tokens to a material gift any day of the yearBoyd Loadholt


 Most any father I know would be thrilled to get those little acknowledgements everyday instead of only on one day. I know one great father, Boyd Loadholt, who does.

Mama Liz Loadholt