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Whats in a name ?

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Buyers Information
Date: Fri, Dec 9th 2016 3:27 pm

What's in a name?    

In the early days of urban development in the United States, streets were typically named after landmarks like Canal or Market, topographic features like Hill or Water, or location like East or Upper. Major streets were often given names like "State", "Church" or "King" or were named after heroes and leaders like Jefferson, Lincoln.

Until the mid-1900s, the majority of the population lived in densely populated cities and streets in urbanized cities were typically laid out in logical, organized grids.

Around 1950, however, people began moving out of cities to build homes in the countryside where they could have more land and less congestion. This movement was the birth of what we now call "suburbia".Inspired by the growing suburban trend and increased value people were placing on nature, it became common for suburban communities to name streets after trees and plants like Oak, Vine or Magnolia.

These day, developers are typically responsible for naming streets in new neighborhoods they build. 

So, can a street name be a decision maker in where people buy a home ? Do they prefer to live on a street which is called "Paradise Lake Drive" or "Lettered Olive Drive" and would feel not so excited about a street name like "Main Street" or "Butt Road". I think people respond to the street name. The street name can be a real turn-off or an advantage.

Looking for real estate and pretty names ? WATERMARK has "Blue Cascade" and "Paradise Lake" and "Lettered Olive" and DARRELL CREEK has "Coastal Crab Drive" and "Station Point Road" and "Noisy Otter Drive" ....

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