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What's the Weather Like in Charleston?

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston Weather
Date: Tue, Jul 18th 2017 9:45 pm

CharlestonCloudsThis is what a 'cloudy' day in Charleston usually looks like. Not too hard to take, is it? 

I loved NJ and I loved NY,  BUT, and that's a big can be gray from October until sometime in March. The year before we moved from NJ to Charleston, we marked the calendar when the sky was 'gray'. After a month we decided to mark the days that 'weren't gray'. It was a lot easier. 

Charleston gets rain, sometimes the sun is out and sometimes it gets dark and it downpours! There are certainly good and bad weather patterns all across the US. Some of the downsides of the Charleston weather would be 1) POLLEN - Everything gets covered in a fluorescent green dust. And it can last for WEEKS! I can live with that :)  2) There is no chance of SNOW during the Winter months. I can live with that :) 3) It is HUMID! It's a little tricky but I can live with that :) 

I show homes to buyers in Charleston on a daily basis. It may be raining and my car may be covered in fluorescent green dust, but there is never snow and we can count the gray days on one hand. I'd love to show you homes in the sunny, friendliest city in the US. Select YourHomeInCharleston and I'll help you own it!

Donna Andreano