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What makes a good listing agent? What are the things to look for in a good listing agent?

Posted By: David Schuj In: Listing Agents
Date: Tue, Jul 26th 2016 1:31 pm


Everyone in the Business posts all listings on the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and those listings end up on Zillow, Realtor, and many other sites.   The key is to find a company that capitalizes on being outside the box.  For instance, AgentOwned is one of the only companies in Charleston who advertises internationally, at no cost to our clients.  We understand that Charleston has an international market and we actively pursue it.  

What else makes a good agent:

1.  First off, pick a full time agent.  Someone who has time to drive by your home on a regular basis.  Someone who has time to call agents that have sold or currently listing in your neighborhood, learning the ins / outs.  An agent who will communicate with you and let you know on the feed back and market changes.  If you only heard from your agent, the day you listed your home, it may be time to get a new agent.   Your agent should be in contact with you on a weekly basis, period.  

2. A good listing agent should be able to identify the buyer, prior to taken the listing.  There are many types of buyers and your house will speak to a certain "few groups of buyers".  Your agent should be able to tell you which groups will have the draw to your house and community.  By identifying buyers, you can prepare to: do some additional cosmic work, plan on paying closing costs or part of closing costs, purchase a home warranty.  Yes, any agent will tell you painting, new carpet and curb appeal help sell homes. The reason, the nicer it shows, the easier it is to buy.    But depending on the market, the buyer and the neighborhood, this may be a waste of money to the the client. 

   For an example:  I listed a home home on James Island, 1400 square foot, 3 bed / 2 bath for $179.  My competition, told the clients to paint and they would list for $159K.  Another agent told them to paint and put in carpeting and they would list for $169K.  I said, do nothing and listed $6K below the high end.  Did the house, after 15 years need this work YES.  But did the sellers need to due it, NO.   Within 24 hours of me listing the property, the house had multi bids and sold for $186K.  My clients did NO work to it.  I understood the market and the buyer....

3.  Listing agents should be able to give your several different price ranges and help you decide where your house should be listed at.  A Good agent will be able to give you net numbers, (What you will net after closing costs).  If this is not part of the presentation, you are not talking with a good listing agent.

Remember, not all agents can list or should list.  If you are looking for a listing agent, give me a call and an opportunity to not only earn your business but show you what a good agent will do.

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