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What is CODEcamp?

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Low Country Living
Date: Thu, Mar 2nd 2017 11:21 am

To quote from the Charleston Digital Corridor’s website, CODEcamp is an “augmentative” education program meant to bridge the gap between local software firms looking to hire and residents who need the practical training to fill those high-paying positions. Ernest Andrade, the CDC’s director, states “Today, because of high demand for technical talent in our community, for the first time … the Digital Corridor will start moving into the development of talent.”

Mayor Joe Riley, until his recent retirement, has been instrumental in so many of the positive developments implemented across a broad spectrum for the betterment of our community. In this instance, he saw the need and cast the public-private partnership as a way to help the city’s high tech companies mature here with home grown talent.

CODEcamp began in the spring of 2012 with a course that met one night per week for 12 weeks. Cost to each student was $500. The course was meant to be supplemental and not to compete with courses offered at local colleges. The objective was to take students from a scale of 1 up to about a 7 in abilities for programming. In doing so, students became a known quantity for perspective employers. The employers would know what they were getting in the new hire and what needed to be done to maximize the new employee’s benefit to the company.

Today, CODEcamp has been instrumental in the training of over 2,000 people to become integrated into the local tech industry. It has been good for the industry and very beneficial for those who chose to take advantage of CODEcamp training. And, it continues.

These high paying jobs enrich the local economy and provide additional qualified home buyers to enhance the real estate environment for all of us.

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