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What Does Your Dream Home Look Like

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston Homes For Sale
Date: Wed, Mar 15th 2017 1:20 pm

As a child, did you dream about what your life would look like as an 'adult'?  

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Some kids have their whole lives planned out in their minds.  If you were to describe a Dream Home, what would it look like?  White picket fence? Colorful window boxes? Two story?  Gourmet kitchen?  Large lot?  

I'd love to help you zero in on what is important to you when you decide to make the largest purchase of your life!  I'll take the time to show you different options and explain the pros and cons of those options, so you can come to an informed conclusion.  White Picket Fence

In Charleston, many single family Charleston home with Window Boxhomes are located in subdivisions that charge a yearly HOA or Home Owners Association fee.  While condos and townhouses charge monthly fees.  In a single family home you're the one to fix, service, replace anything that goes wrong with the home.  In a condo or townhouse the roof replacement may be included in the fees you pay, so the HOA would cover the cost to replace the roof. 

Buying a home is not just imagining a picket fence or a beautiful window box. Contact me today 843-256-3348 and I'll help you get from 'dreaming' about owning a home to actually becoming a 'homeowner'!