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What Do You Know About Otranto Plantation?

Posted By: Jenny Daly In: Otranto Homes for Sale
Date: Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 10:26 pm

Otranto subdivision oldest known remaining dwellingHave you heard of/ been to the Otranto Subdivision in Hanahan, off Rivers Avenue?

This is one of the classic Charleston, SC, neighborhoods developed in the 1970's. The streets are lined with huge, old live oak trees draped with long-hanging Spanish moss. It was developed around and named after Otranto Plantation which overlooks the Goose Creek Reservoir which is fed by the Cooper River. The plantation house is currently a private residence. It has a fascinating history. 

The original dwelling was built by the great grand-uncle of Arthur Middleton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, around 1682. At that time the plantation was call Yeshoe.   After several inheritances and sales over the years, in 1771, Dr. Alexander Garden purchased Yeshoe. A noted physician and botanist, the gardenia was named for Dr. Garden. During the Revolutionary War the Alexanders, who remained loyal to the King, returned to England in 1778. It is there that Dr. Alexander died of tuberculosis(TB) a few years later. 

The exterior of the most current remaining dwelling at Otranto Plantationone of the remaining structures at Otranto Plantation used as a kitchenWhen the couple left, they entrusted their home and land to their son and his wife. Unlike the Doctor, his heirs sided with the Patriots, who remained  on the property and called it Otranto.  They built what is believed to be the current dwelling around the 1790's. Otranto changed hands several more times over the years. In the 1930's much of the interior was destroyed by a fire and the exterior was damaged.

The exterior was restored to its former glory but the inside was totally redone. Throughout the 60's the property was a hunt club then developed into the current subdivision in the 1970's surrounding the remaining older structures. The photos are what those look like today. The smaller house was the kitchen and is now used as a den.

Jenny Daly