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What about bears, and tigers, sharks and alligators and bugs in Charleston SC

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Relocating
Date: Mon, Jul 11th 2016 3:52 pm think I am joking, right ?!  No, not at all ! That are serious questions people ask me when they move to the Charleston area, to our part which is called the "Low Country" , the main land or to one of our numerous islands. People come here not only from the United States but also from countries in the Far East, from Africa, from Europe, from South America and the Land Down Under. 

Just recently I showed property to a family moving here from India. There were worried about the woods which bordered the property line. They were really worried that tigers might roam those woods and eat their children. And how about alligators, do they just roam around on our streets and neighborhoods !? And sharks ! Are the sharks right at the beach just waiting for us to jump in and be their dinner or dessert ?! 

We have a lot of wildlife here, and so we shall explain to all who move to our beautiful area that we have dolphins and alligators, all kind of wildlife, beautiful birds incl. brown pelicans and graceful Ibis. But not tigers and bears. The point is, don't find it funny if someone is asking those questions. You never know where they lived before or come from.. 

And we have roaches and termites, and fire ants.  Not a pretty thing but we have to deal with it by having our homes under termite bond and schedule pest control treatments on a regular basis.

A responsible realtor will explain the beauty and the beasts, the flora and fauna. The things to look for to control and treat as they might be different than in Alaska or India or any other place. 

Work with a good realtor, one who knows. Call me to learn more about the Low Country, Charleston, Summerville, John and James Island, about Isle of Palms or Sullivans Island. You can reach me at 843-345-2625 or mail and of course, look for tiger and bear free homes on my website: