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Veterans can buy a house with nothing down, NO Downpayment, No Closing costs here in Charleston SC

Posted By: David Schuj In: Veteran
Date: Wed, Oct 26th 2016 11:15 am

Yes, I know you heard it all before.  With your VA, I too can find a seller to help with closing costs, even get you all closing costs covered by the seller.  What they don't tell you is that it will cost you on the front end.  More than likely, you will pay 3K to 6K more for the house.  On the back end, this increases your finance costs for the loan, the more you borrow the more interest rates you pay.  This can be a good deal for first time home buyers and save money from renting, plus saving a portion of your housing allowance, but WHY pay more if you don't have to. 

But now, thanks to a special funded programs, you can get up to 4.5% of your loan value as a grant.  With this grant, you can use it for a down payment or closing costs.  If you are using a VA Loan, no down payment is necessary, and 4.5% should cover all your closing costs.  Now you can have your cake and eat it at the same time. Best of all, this grant DOES NOT have to be paid back. 

 Here's the criteria to qualify.

-620 credit score or higher

-purchasing a primary resident

-house hold income of less than $78K a year.

So, save your housing allowance.  Invest in your future.  Grow personnel wealth.  The cost, nothing out of pocket.  For more information call a real estate expert, 843.922.2003 or email me,

David Schuj