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Festival Of Houses 2017, Historic Charleston

Posted By: Lauren Zurilla In: Things to do in Charleston
Date: Fri, Feb 17th 2017 12:34 pm

Charleston, SC: Festival of Houses & Gardens, 2017

In my humble opinion, living in or right around Charleston, SC is nothing short of a blessing and an absolute dream location to live in.  Of course, the 3 months of high summer are brutal with the heat and humidity, but that’s the price we pay for paradise!  Just go to the beach if you can’t take the heat because you can put your toes in the water and it might be the only place you find a breeze!  But is that so bad?  For those of us who don’t like winter, I feel so thankful that I still haven’t even seen it yet this year. I mean temps this coming week, like most of the last 2 months, will be in the 70’s!  It’s like we are stuck in early fall or spring – I’ll take it!!      

This being said, spring is right around the corner along with the 70th Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens.  I absolutely LOVE this festival and because of that, I volunteer my time as a Senior Docent for the Historic Charleston Foundation.  Pairing my career as a Realtor®, my love for Historic Charleston and as well as my fascination with historic homes, it’s a no-brainer to me!  I don’t love these houses (only!) because they are expensive and gorgeous, I love them because of what they represent and the fact that some of these houses were built in the 1700’s! Think about that for a minute.  The materials used, the interior details, iron work, the period colors... It's all just fascinating. They are large houses by today’s standards; what were they considered then?  And how hard were the lives of the people who lived in them?  With all of our technology and tools today, houses are built in anywhere from 5-9 months.  What kind of time did it take back then to build one of these houses?   And then, if these walls could talk!  What have they seen?                                                                             

I absolutely love Charleston, these houses and what they represent.  In saying that, if you are thinking about a move to Charleston, I’d love to show you some of houses that our area has to offer.  Want to sell?  I would like nothing more than to represent you in the sale of your house! What an honor that would be!  When you love something, it’s easily sold and it’s easy to throw your time into it.  Let me do that for you!  You won’t be disappointed in the service you receive from me. In the meantime, come see me on the King Street tour in March. I’ll be a Docent in one of the houses, telling you all about it!  Or better yet, volunteer at the event.  There's many different dates and times to volunteer and I know they would welcome the help. Just go to the volunteer section of their site. 

The 70th Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens takes place March 16 - April 22, 2017.  Tickets are purchased in advance online or the day of.  Per the Foundation’s website, “this series of award-winning tours and educational events showcase Charleston’s distinctive architecture, history, gardens and culture. The tours provide a rare opportunity for guests to go inside the private houses and gardens of some of America’s most beautiful historic residences". Tours and events vary by day.   If you love this city, the houses and history as much as I do, check it out!   And call or email me for a personalized market analysis of your home, what it’s worth and info on what you need to do to get you the most money for it!