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Top 10 Remodel Projects That Have The Highest Return To Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Posted By: Wendy Roper In: Front Porches
Date: Fri, Nov 10th 2017 1:45 pm

Thinking of selling your home sometime after the holidays or in the spring? 

According to reports put out by the National Association of Realtors, and Remodel Magazine some improvements will get you a much higher return on your investment than others.

If you want to get the best return on your investment focus on the top 10 projects that yield the highest cost to value percentage. 

  1. Adding insulation with yields a 108 percent return.
  2. New garage door with electric door opener recoups about an 85 percent return
  3. Better Front door, steel recouping the highest amount of a 91 percent return
  4. Improved landscaping can recoup up to 105 percent of your cost.
  5. Kitchen remodels, focusing on cabinet re-facing giving it the WOW factor will get you about an 80 percent return.
  6. Bathroom Improvements, new vanity, lighting, and toilet will shorten the days on the market.
  7. New windows yield a 71 percent return.
  8. Adding more square footage such as finishing a basement has a 61 percent return.
  9. High-efficiency appliances yield a better return then stainless or fancy new countertops.
  10. Interior painting. Go on a new builder homes field trip in your area and see what is working in the area you live in.  Different color schemes sell better in different regions.

We all have unique ideas of what we love and how to customize our homes, but most buyers of resales want to see the house as if it were new.  So if you love your crimson red foyer or your farm animals painted in your 2-year-olds room returning them to neutral colors will improve your chance of selling your house faster.  Make sure your house is spotless.  Make sure to ask your real estate agent to give you a buyer's perspective of your house.  It may be a little painful to hear but they know the market and the buyers.  New homes sell fast because they don’t have a lived-in look.  We all want to pretend that it will always look as pristine as the day we move in, but kids, dogs, and life happen. IT SHOWS!.  So send the kids off to boarding school and prepare your house to sell fast!! (Ok, maybe a little too much, but you get the point!)

I am here for all your real estate needs in the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area.  Call me and we can get together and talk about how we can sell your house fast.