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Tips to Prep for Photos When Selling Your Home

Posted By: Whitley Boyd In: Home for Sale Photo Tips
Date: Mon, Jan 9th 2017 11:53 pm

How to Prep Your Home for Sale for Photos

As the old adage states, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well, in this day and age, a great photo could be worth a thousand Tweets, Re-Grams or Shares.  So, make sure that you invest enough time to prepare for your photos.  You never know what will catch a potential buyer’s eye.  Or, who will see your photos!

Best Practices:

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter.  When a professional brings in items to stage a home, they do not bring in things such as small kitchen appliances, framed photos and endless stacks of magazines.  No!  They simply bring in a few items to showcase the function of a room without making it feel crowded.  If you are a pack-rat and/or tend to have an exceptional number of trinkets and every last inch of floor space covered – you may want to consider renting a small storage unit or mobile storage unit.  It may sound extreme, but once you see the before and after photos – you will be shocked.

Don’t be scared of empty spaces.  If you have a room that lacks a lot of furniture, that’s ok!  Keep in mind that the furniture or decorative items in a room should only serve the purpose of drawing someone’s eye towards the features that you want to showcase.  If you are unsure about whether or not you have removed enough – take test photos.  If you can’t see the room’s features because there are so many personal items out, keep going.

Every detail counts!  Have you ever wanted to buy a storage system in a magazine because it looked so organized and clean that you felt that if you own thosed pieces that you too would have an organized and clean closet?!  Well, that is exactly what the magazine expected you to do.  The same goes for your closet.  If you strategically space the clothes in your closet, add storage containers and leave only a few pairs of well-placed shoes…buyers will subconsciously see themselves ALSO having a well-organized closet if they live there.  They don’t need to know that 2/3 of your clothes are actually in a storage unit just for the sake of getting great photos.

Lighting. Good lighting makes a huge difference!  Before photos are scheduled, make sure that all of the lamps have bulbs.  Test the difference between letting natural light in and leaving the window treatments open.  Consider what time of day lets in the best light for your rooms.


There are so many tips for getting your home ready for photos that will help SELL your home.  If you would like to discuss how to get your home ready, or, if you have questions about your home’s worth – I’d love to schedule a time to talk!  Home values continue to be at all-time highs in Charleston and we don’t see anything slowing down in 2017!

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