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Try Wakeboarding this Summer!

Posted By: Brad Thompson In: Recreation
Date: Mon, Jul 17th 2017 2:00 pm

I have written many blogs this year about ways in the Lowcountry to stay cool during our brutal summer temperatures, and for the most part, they have been accessible to almost anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. This latest idea requires a little more athleticism and practice to pull off, but wakeboarding could very well become your new favorite summertime sport if you enjoy it the way I think you will.

The premise of wakeboarding is fairly straightforward; a board resembling some type of surfboard/skateboard-hybrid is attached to the rider’s feet and they are pulled behind a boat while gripping a rope. The point being, to ride and use the wake as if it were a naturally occurring wave. However, as anyone who has attempted wakeboarding can attest, the difficulty is not riding the board once you are standing, it’s getting up to the standing position to begin with. Thankfully, residents of Sweetgrass and Mount Pleasant have many opportunities and choices to be taught how to do this safely and the right way.

TidalWave Watersports of Isle of Palms are a great example of such a company. While Isle of Palms is their central location, they have multiple other pick up points, from downtown to Mount Pleasant. A major safety benefit this company provides is that they use Coast Guard captains to drive their boats, as well as offering lessons for most levels of experience. (In addition, they offer the other usual “behind-the-boat” activities, like parasailing and tubing). The packages are priced based on how long you’d like to go out for. Another great option is HydroFly Watersports located downtown. One very cool feature this company offers is a “tiki hut” in the middle of the water. While this serves as a good place to launch from and store equipment, groups with more riders than can fit on the boat have the luxury of dropping people off there and rotating. 

Perhaps the easiest entree to wakeboarding can be found on James Island at Trophy Lakes. Beginners will find the calm water of the lake much easier to learn on compared to the potentially rougher waters of the ocean. In addition, they offer lessons from beginner to professional, with the beginners’ lessons being offered for free. Definitely a good place to start, despite being a bit of a hike for residents of Sweetgrass subdivision and Mount Pleasant.

Wakeboarding is not for everyone, necessarily, and requires a little more effort and practice than the other watersports discussed in the past, however, those of you who give it a try will be greatly rewarded! Now give it a shot and let me know what you think!

TidalWave Watersports - (843) 886-8456

HydroFly Watersports - (843) 990-0707

Trophy Lakes - (843) 790-0615