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This is where Avondale is to Me

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Charleston SC Neighborhoods
Date: Mon, Jul 10th 2017 10:39 am

Good day and I hope all is well.  Today let me continue to diagram the West Ashley neighborhoods just over the West Ashley Bridge (from Downtown Charleston) as you are going South on Highway 17 (Savannah Highway).  If you are just starting to read my blog and this particular blog post is your first, you can review my previous few weeks where I started at the beginning neighborhoods (Moreland & Westwood), just West (upside) of Highway 17. Link to last week’s post Click Here

Next is the actual neighborhood of Avondale.  On Highway 17 you only see a block and a half at most of this old classic neighborhood.  Most of Avondale is on the other highway to the West, Highway 61.  Previously in my blog posts, I gave some stats on Home Prices and I plan to continue to provide that kind of detail periodically throughout these West Ashley posts.


In the coming weeks, I will show you the other neighborhoods to the South and West of Avondale.

So until next week, I hope you have a nice week and remember, if you know someone looking to Buy/Sell Real Estate, feel free to give them my name.

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