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“Things Realtors Should ALWAYS Have in Their Cars!”

Posted By: Patrick Gallant In: Real Estate Tips
Date: Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 10:16 am

        As realtors many of us are constantly on the go and can encounter some pretty strange circumstances.  Being prepared for these circumstances can save a lot of us time, money and maybe even help keep a client or customer happy. Some of these items may sound bizarre but as realtors we have to be prepared for anything. You never know what a client may expect you to do for them and you never know what kinds of miniature maintenance you might encounter to make a home appear slightly more presentable.  The small things are very important to some of our more meticulous and difficult clients. Other than the obvious ones (plenty of business cards, blank copies of appropriate contracts/disclosures, SentriCard, AAA card ect.) here is a list with a brief explanation of items that could come in handy and should always be in your vehicle if possible.

  • Duct Tape:  Could come in handy to secure a sign, band aid a fixture, ect.  The possibilities with duct tape are endless and for that we thank you!

  • Screw Driver:  Might be used to fix a door knob, unscrew a light fixture, bathroom fixture, cabinet door ect.

  • Hammer Nails:  We don't need to be skilled contractors to know that a hammer and nail can help in circumstances where we need to hang/rehang something on a wall or we need a little help prying open a jammed door.

  • Tape Measure:  Obviously we all have these in our cars by now….right?  Great for measuring windows, square footage, passageways for large furniture, distance from street to properly put up signs.  If anything on this list make sure to have a tape measure!

  • Zip Ties: These can used to help keep a sign...or really anything together.  These little plastic strips are incredibly durable and are amazing tools when the situation occurs.

  • Paper Towels/Cloth Towel: Napkins also work but I prefer disposing of dead palmetto bugs with something a little more sturdy.  Paper towels or a cloth will also come in handy to clean off a sign that could be polished.

  • Windex:  If you don't already know this...windex is THE miracle worker of cleaning products.  It can be used for minor stains in carpets, polish off signs and of course clean windows.  This product is also safe to use on pretty much any surface inside or out.

  • Insect Spray:  No need to call a maintenance guy, bother an assistant or dish out money when one can adequately eliminate a wasp or hornet nest that could potentially sting a client themselves.  Avoiding this rare scenario is in everyone's best interest.

  • Car/Wall Charger:  Nowadays realtors rely on their phone for literally everything so make sure that you ALWAYS have the ability to keep it charged to avoid potential disasters.

  • Pens and Paper:  Need I say more?

That just about covers the big ones... but it might also be a good idea to keep water (for yourself/clients), a roll of toilet paper, a few garbage bags, Charleston map/welcome guide for non locals and a change of clothes just in case you get an embarrassing stain from that “business lunch” you just came from.