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The Re-Inspection now has to take place

Posted By: Gary Buchanan In: Home Inspection
Date: Sun, Nov 6th 2016 9:48 am

You are now going to have the Repairs Re-Inspected.  As a reminder, here is what you and the seller agreed to get fixed:

  1. Small leak around vent tube on roof
  2. Flaking paint on trim around door frames (garage mainly), so that should be painted and caulked to keep the water out of the wood and home.
  3. Dryer Vent is not connected anymore to outside. Lint is building up in the attic and needs to be reattached, more securely

You work with your Realtor® and get the Inspector to go back out and re-inspect to make sure the items were fixed and done right.  Now remember you have 5 days until closing, so it is important to get the re-inspection done quickly so IF there are any issues you still have time to negotiate a bit and get things taken care of prior to closing.

Some things to think about:

  1. What if the fixes were done, but you could tell it was not done by a professional (shoddy work)..?
  2. What if No fixes were done.?
  3. What if the fixes were applied, but now you notice other repairs, for example there is a hole in the drywall now (like someone had fallen into it).? Maybe the roof has an issue now, since the contractor went up there to fix the leak around the Vent Tube.

These are things you need to be prepared for.  It is best to Plan for the Worst, so you can act on it asap if indeed something arises.

For these examples above, you still have time to Negotiate for More.  Maybe you go back and write up an addendum stating you are expecting a Price Change now that you see more Fixes ($2500 or more).  Remember you would still have the option to Back Out, as it states in the Repair Addendum.

In this case the Re-Inspection went fine……so now this series moves to the Closing…..Wow…..a lot has to happen in order to get to the Closing..!

If you need help to get through all the steps in this Buying Process, feel free to get in touch with me.  I would be happy to represent you in a Buying Effort.  If you are looking to Sell your Home, I think I am well suited to assist you as well, since I know how the Buyer Agent thinks.

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