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The Hottest New Trend in Real Estate NOW - The Shoffice

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Real Estate Industry News
Date: Sat, Oct 11th 2014 3:08 am

The Hottest New Trend in Real Estate NOW  - The Shoffice 

Do you know what a shoffice is?  Have you ever heard of one?

I had not until my RIS Media Newsletter included an article about them. They immediately captured my attention, causing me to drop everything to learn more about them. I quickly realized that this may be more than just a new trend. The shoffice should take its place beside the garage, basement, or bonus room. Features that make a home more desirable, become expected in some areas, and are a must for some buyers. The value added to your home makes your home sell faster and for more money.

The shoffice could change Real Estate in the US and globally.

Lowes Basic storage shedA shoffice is a backyard shed that is utilized as an office.  When I first heard about these, I thought, "What? This must be a joke."  The word "shed" conjured up thoughts of strange backyard huts, protecting lawn mowers and housing all sorts of insects and vermin that I would rather not know about. But upon seeing the "sheds" people are constructing in England, I will never think of them the same way again.

RIS Media's article on Shoffices by Suzanne De Vita , outlines how and why they make so much sense. Why have we not thought of doing this A small shoffice before?  The British discovered that they can build a separate structure in their back yard out of a wide array materials and use it as a home office- a shoffice! 

Why is it better than an office inside your home? You don't have the distractions and disadvantages of working from home as it is separate from the house, even if by only inches. A room that would be used as a home office inside can be repurposed into anything you want. I would love for mine to be a home gym or even a craft, gift wrapping room.

Shoffices have taken off in England quickly, becoming more elaborate, and very popular.  Why?

  • It can be used as a home office, without being an office in your home.
  • You don't have to landscape or care for as much of the backyard.
  • Your children will think it is the coolest thing they have ever seen. If you don't have to use it as an office, it can be their clubhouse, cruise ship, school, zoo, pet shop, etc. Its use is limited only by their imaginations.
  • Shoffice built from pre fabricated partsIf you don't have to use it as a shoffice, it would be a fantastic place for teens to hang out with their friends. And because it is slightly separate from your main home, the noise and destruction that teens cause is contained to that area.
  • You have increased the value of your home.  Especially for those in the US that are the first ones to take the idea and run with it. It increases your home's usable living space that was just a lawn before. Though it is detached, it is a functioning part of the home.

beautifully designed shoffice with lots of natural lightSuzanne De Vita believes it may be slower to take off in the states than it did in Europe, but I disagree.  When people begin to see what beautiful additions they can add to their home at very reasonable prices, they will want one!  Each one is unique (even if you do order from a pre-fab company) allowing the homeowner to express their creativity. 

Do you know of any already built in the US? Is this something that you would consider adding to your home? I know I want one! Leave me a comment below and share your thoughts on shoffices here. I am interested to see if others feel as strongly as I do about them! 

Also, if any AgentOwned Realty agents have a home listed that is calling out for a shoffice, let me know right away. We can work on a way to get the first one up in the Charleston SC area! Now, that would be exciting!

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