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The iFiveK Runs Today

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Low Country Living
Date: Thu, Apr 13th 2017 2:39 pm

Last month I wrote about Charleston Digital Corridor’s annual iFiveK race. The 2017 running of the race happens today! This popular event is well attended and the public is invited. It’s a great opportunity to meet some of the local industry notables and see them in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The sponsors of the race are as important to its success as the actual participants. These companies are interested and involved with the local tech industry. Their sponsorships are endorsements of the value and belief in the future of t his fast-growing industry to our overall economic health.

A few of these valued sponsors are:

  • The City of North Charleston
  • Charleston County Economic Development
  • Google
  • Blackbaud
  • BoomTown!
  • Booz-Allen-Hamilton
  • Comcast Business

The race starts and finishes at Riverfront Park, beginning at 6:30 PM. After the race there be plenty of food and beverages to enjoy while interacting with the participants and sponsors.

It is nice to put faces and names to people who are integral parts of this dynamic industry.

As always, I encourage you to call or email me to talk about its positive effects

on our local economy as well as how it contributes to our real estate activity and the resulting values.

Every industry affects our property values and the effects from the tech

industry are ultra positive.

Please let me hear from you.

Joe Parks

AgentOwned Realty