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The History of J.C. Long and Seaside Farms

Posted By: Liza Valero In: Seaside Farms
Date: Tue, Jul 7th 2015 2:02 am

J.C. Long is a legend in Mount Pleasant, SC,

especially if you are “from here”. Being a lifelong Mt Pleasant resident,  I learned his name  and some of his history from an early age. 

Mid-century Mt Pleasant was shaped in large part by him. Mr. Long’s purchase of land he called “Seaside Farm” was the beginning of his real estate dynasty. The Long’s called the 400 acres Seaside Farm and if you notice on the entrance signs to the development, it says Seaside Farm. The neighborhood is referred to in that way on the tax records. Somewhere along the way, people became calling it “Seaside Farms” and it is most commonly called that now.

J.C. finished studying Law at The University of South Carolina, while he was captain of the football team. He finished school and was admitted to the South Carolina state bar in 1928. He was a personal injury attorney for a prestigious law firm after graduating, and was twice elected to the SC State Senate.

J C Long profile pictureDuring his days practicing law, it was said that

“He could turn a whole courtroom into tears,

including the presiding judge.”


Map of Isle of PalmsHe ventured into real estate in the 1930s, after marrying and buying the 400 acre farm. He purchased the Isle of Palms. The WHOLE island. At the time he bought it, it was named Long Island. He changed it from his name sake to the Isle of Palms and went about filling the island simple cylinder block homes because they would be “affordable to all”. There are many of those homes still on the island.

After his death, the family realized that they did not need all 400 acres. They developed 3/4s of it while still leaving 100 acres on the marsh for different family members that would like to live there. There is a large buffer, from one of the 11,000 sq ft  homes, the farm feels the same. The development took on the moniker of “Seaside Farm”, while the family calls their land “Seaside Farm Proper”.

Seaside Farm Proper is private property and it is illegal to trespass, there are no public roads that take you into the property. If you drive by brick pillars on both sides, you have gone too far. But you can drive by and see the avenue of oaks and rolling fields of manicured grass. It is easy to find, from the traffic circle with the fountains on Rifle Range Road, you will exit the circle to the mostly unused portion of Venning Road. They have the corners of their property, and the road leading to it, distinguished by the row of palmetto trees. You can drive slowly on that part of Venning Road if you want to get a good look.

That is just the beginning of the J.C. Long story, but it will get you started and now you know a little bit about how SeaSide Farms came to be.

If you want info on the bed and breakfast that is off of that quiet end of Venning Road that has sheep, emus, miniature donkeys, and much more, email me now!

Experience living Seaside Farms, it is paradise every day.  An example of a home for sale there is 3265 Cross Timbers Drive. Look it up and see if you like it!