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The Future is Bright for Youth in Technology

Posted By: Joe Parks In: Low Country Living
Date: Fri, May 12th 2017 10:05 am

With the extremely high cost of obtaining a degree from colleges and universities, many parents and students have looked to alternatives. There have been numerous articles weighing the cost versus the benefit of having a college degree. The enormous collective debt on the backs of students through college loans has also been a frequent subject in the news. “How many years will it take me to pay off my college loans?” is a common question among recent college grads. Hardworking parents churn over the dilemma they are faced with to pay for the higher education of their children as the cost of higher education has dramatically increased in the last decade.

Add to this the technological know-how required to advance in so many industries today and you have a crisis for prospective employees and employers. Studies and resulting articles over the last few years have featured the need to reeducate our workforce. But where do the prospective employees turn to be reeducated?

The Charleston Digital Corridor has recognized this need and we will explore its good work in providing solutions which benefit prospective employees as well as owners and upper management of technology companies in coming weeks.

It’s another win-win for all. And, as in past blog posts, a big winner is our local real estate industry!

Contact me to learn more and stay tuned for some answers.

Joe Parks


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