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The First Day of a New School Year

Posted By: Jack Crow In: Charleston Area Schools
Date: Thu, Aug 17th 2017 11:30 am

As I drove to take my fifth grader and seventh grader to their first day of school this morning, yesterday’s trip to the beach at the Isle of Palms already seemed a distant memory. As a teacher in the Charleston County School District, my wife has to go back a week earlier than the kids to get her classroom, lesson plans, and paperwork ready for her students so I try to squeeze in one more day of summer before the routine kicks in. Our “spot” is affectionately know to our family as “Volley” Beach, so named by my son when he was four because of all the people playing volleyball all around the Windjammer (back when they had more than one court). Even after a full day of corn dogs, ice cream, and sunscreen, the kids still wanted to go out on the canoe, to the pool, to Pelicans SnoBalls, and fishing at the pier. I told them "This is Charleston, we can do all that stuff any day after school this week!"

With new uniforms, new shoes, and new book bags, they set out wondering if their teachers are going to be that ones that give a lot of homework, that smile as they call the roll in the morning, or will wind up be Facebook friends forty years from now (Hi Mrs. Rineheart – I liked your post about Final Jeopardy!) ? Rachael is back in a classroom after a number of years of semi-administrative roles, and is just as curious about the new students in her class at Liberty Hill Academy!  

Then there all of the electives and extracurricular activities, which as many of you will remember, I generally preferred over class work. My son is going to be playing organized baseball here in Mt Pleasant for the first time. We will find out how he did in the tryouts later this afternoon. My daughter is hoping to be on the Orange Grove Middle School volleyball team again this year, and has been practicing her overhand serve against the garage door all summer. 


As my cousin Katie in Richburg so eloquently put it, “One down, 179 to go…”


Please call me for questions regarding schools in Charleston. I would love to help with information ranging from school ratings to attendance zones, but I have  no idea how much homework your child’s teacher will give this year…

Jack Crow


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