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The big question these days seems to be quartz or granite for the kitchen

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Date: Wed, Aug 10th 2016 11:13 am

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Does it come down to aesthetics, price or durability? You be the judge.


Granite is mined, natural stone that are cut into slabs or tiles and polished to use as countertops or tiles. Quartz is manufactured from crushed quartz, and then color is added with resin to bind it.


Many people are concerned with the consistency of the pattern or color of their counter top. Since quartz is engineered, it is easier to get consistency with this type of stone because pigments are added. Natural stone, such as granite are harder to find consistency in, which also adds to its natural beauty.


When it comes to the big deciding factor of durability, and maintenance quartz seems to have its advantages. With granite, it must be sealed at installment and on a regular basis to avoid staining. Yet, it can still be stained and semi-easily damaged, depending on the level of activity that occurs in the area. Granite that is sealed with a resin at manufacturing tends to be more resistant, but still not as resistant as quartz. Yet both have a lifespan of about 25-50 years.


Last but not least, we come to price. Granite and quartz are very comparable in price, believe or not. Quartz ranges from about $80-$140 per square foot and granite ranges from about $80-$140 per square foot.


For most consumers the top categories of concern when upgrading countertops are durability and price. With the cost being so similar, it truly depends on color, consistency, durability and down right taste.


Leah Ortega
Southern Charm Realty