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The Avid Rehabber Cost Cutting Counter-Top

Posted By: John Boyer In: The Avid Rehabber
Date: Thu, Jul 6th 2017 10:16 am

The Avid Rehabber Cost Cutting Counter-Top

Tired of your old counter-tops but an expensive replacement is not an option?  Don’t worry!  We at J and C Home Buyers have a solution for you!

Transform your outdated counter-tops, do not replace them!  This process will make your old dingy counter-tops look like granite.  Take a look at the before and after pictures and see for yourself!

Don’t worry you do not need to be a professional to get professional results.  In one of our rentals, we had our handyman refinish our laminate counter-tops using a kit that can be purchased at your local building supply store!  These preassembled kits come in various shades and include all tools necessary to get the job done.  Since the reveal of our finished project, we have several of our DIY friends reform their counter-tops as well!!  The key to a long lasting professional finish is the prepping:

  • Thoroughly clean the counter-tops with soap and warm water ensuring they are free from grease.
  • If needed, use a two-part epoxy putty to repair any chips or cracks. Make sure to allow sufficient time for the putty to thoroughly dry.  Once dried, sand the putty to make sure the surface is smooth.
  • Use painters tape to cover the areas you do not want to paint. Remember to tape the edges of your sink to avoid getting product on your sink! 

Remember, refinishing your counter-tops saves you money on what could be a costly replacement!  Good luck!!  For more information visit our web site: