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Thank You Tech Industry!

Posted By: Joe Parks In: About the Low Country
Date: Mon, Jun 26th 2017 10:59 am

At the beginning of this century, greater Charleston business and economic development leaders recognized the need for further diversification of the driving industries that propel our area’s growth, especially the need to attract, promote, and nurture high-wage jobs in a sustainable knowledge-based economy. The technology industry was on the move and California’s Silicon Valley was the established leader in the development of new technologies and new companies with the ability to make those technologies a reality. Why should South Carolina not be able to attract these talented people as well? We have a wonderful climate and an abundance of recreational opportunities amidst a city steeped in history. A city with great restaurants and cultural opportunities to attract these young people immersed in the age of technology.

So, in February of 2001, the City of Charleston created the Charleston Digital Corridor (CDC) to do just that. They selected Ernest Andrade, an unflappable, forward-thinking go-getter, to lead the way. To quote Mr. Andrade…. “We launched the Corridor with 18 qualified (i.e. knowledge-based) software-related companies and now have 94 member companies, including Google, Benefitfocus, Blackbaud, Blue Acorn, TwitPic, and the aptly named BoomTown.” He goes on to say, “All our members serve as consultants to the CDC. They are the ones directly involved in the industry; they know better than anyone what value-added services are needed to support them. What makes us effective is that we are nimble enough to take this intelligence and act on it immediately.”

This is how my series on the local tech industry began. And, has the growth ever continued as predicted!

The CDC has been and continues to be at the center of our rapid growth. From this beginning base of 18 qualified software-related companies, the local technology industry has grown to over 380 tech or tech related companies and has continued to supply our area with talented and well paid employees in a solid long-term industry.

The tech industry has made untold contributions to the local economy! And, that includes the local real estate community. This influx of high paying jobs has very positively affected real estate values. Their presence ads to the stability and positive outlook for the future of Charleston and surrounds.

The future of greater Charleston is indeed bright and we can be comforted by our strong and stable real estate market. Thank you city fathers for your foresight. Thank you Ernest Andrade and your capable staff for steering our local industry to such heights. We all owe a debt of thanks to this industry.

I am not an expert on this wonderful tech industry, but I am an expert on our local real estate industry.

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Joe Parks


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