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Tesla Makes Solar Roofs- Not Just Cars!

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Date: Tue, Nov 1st 2016 10:52 am

Since the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and what it’s winds and rains did to the Lowcountry and it’s homes, I have had one topic at the top of my mind lately. Roofing. My home was fortunate enough to not bear much, if any, damages just the normal wear and tear on an old roof that hurricane force winds finally took its toll on. After all was said and done and we filed the insurance claim, the roofer came out and gave us the quote for the best asphalt shingle roof money could buy. Since my husband and I are both Realtors, it led me to think of how I could upgrade my roof for a better re-sale. I asked the roofer about metal roofing options and he seemed to be less than thrilled. You can see my last blog post for that research! Now, it has come to my attention that adding solar panels to a roof could be beneficial, but why is there not a 2-in-1 product that has the solar panels built-in the actual roofing tiles? Well, before I made my millions on the next best idea, again, Tesla beat me to the punch!

Tesla not only built solar panel roofing tiles, they blew it out of the ballpark! It’s one of the best looking roofs I’ve ever seen. Currently, they have 4 different types of styles including, textured glass tile, slate glass tile, tuscan glass tile, and smooth glass tile. Each of which are transparent to solar but opaque at an angle, which is pressingly important, if you know nothing about solar power, such as myself. A student, if you will. Tesla claims that their glass roofing tiles have a 98% efficiency rate which is only a 2% loss compared to a traditional, after-market solar panel. Tesla has not released a price of their roofing materials yet but promises to be competitive with traditional, like roofings.

Now, the fun part is the tech-y specs. All four styles are made of glass, and they are REALLY strong with integrated solar cells. The panels will gather enough energy to keep the home off the grid. Tesla’s roof integrates with the Powerwall 2, which is a seamless grid integration battery with 210 kWh/ 50 kW. That means it is a huge battery and is can store a day’s worth of solar energy, with a life of possibly 10 years. The roofing materials and availability hasn’t been released yet, however the battery will be about $5,000 and available in January 2017.

My question all along has been, why pay for a roof AND solar panels? Tesla has answered the question!
Leah Ortega
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