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Posted By: Sandra Yates In: Tax Info
Date: Wed, Apr 12th 2017 2:27 pm

With Tax filing just a few days away, take advantage of some deductions you can take as a homeowner.

  • Mortgage Interest
  • Mortgage Discounts Points
  • Mortgage Interest
  • Sales Tax
  • Property Taxes


When you close on your new home/residence or if title to your property changes:

Don’t forget also to register for the 4% tax  exemption advantage on your property taxes, it will save you a lot on your real estate taxes which is 6% if you don’t file.  This 4%  advantage is for your primary residence, it does not apply to your second home or rental investment properties.

Some of the documentation you need to apply:

  • SC Driver License / ID Card
  • SC Motor Vehicle Registration (showing current address/ owner & spouse
  • SC Voter Registration  /owner and spouse
  • Tax returns: Federal Income Tax 2 pages, SC State Income /1st 3 pages
  • Separated/Divorce  - Court ordered separation - Divorce decree
  • File application

For more information:

Call Tax Assessor -   Charleston County 843-958-4100

On line: res4.pdf

Sandra Yates