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Subscribing to the AOR Information Blog

Posted By: Liza Valero In: AOR Website and Lead List Information
Date: Tue, Jul 26th 2016 4:01 pm

Thanks for Subscribing to this Blog!

If you have never subscribed to one before, this is the perfect start! The words "Subscribe to my Blog" or " Subscribe to my Website" can be confusing, much less what comes after. When you subscribe to someone's Blog or Website (the same thing, Subscribe Iconreally) it usually means that you will get an email every time the author adds a Post. You do not receive the total Post, but a synopsis, which you can click through to the website to read the whole article. The author of the blog can decide if you get them daily, or weekly, or in between. You will not get anything if they do not write a new Post. If you are interested in Subscribing, look for the orange figure pictured here- the universal symbol for subscribing to a blog.

I say "usually" it means you get an email every time there is a new Post. Most websites/blogs have only one 
"feed" that sends out new posts to subscribers. AgentOwned Realty is different. AgentOwned has the ability to allow people to subscribe to only Posts that fall into a certain category. This subscription will only send you posts written by me, Liza Valero, in the category " AOR Website and Lead List Information". can have unlimited amounts of seperate subscription feeds, very powerful. More on that later.

As of Thursday, July 28th, 2016, all people on the AgentOwned Realty Lead List will have to subscribe to this blog. The platform will enable to get information to each of you much easier than one at a time. To recap. the Lead List rules are, as of Thursday:

  • Attend Lead List meetings
  • Login to your account a minimum of once a day
  • Write one blog Post a week, due Wednesdays by noon
  • No whining
  • Your picture on your profile on 
  • Your cell phone number on your profile on 

That's all for now! Remember, you can subscribe by going to the subscription button in the purple bar at the bottom of all the pages.  

Look for more help here soon, or email Michelle or me with questions: