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Storage Tips for Seasonal Clothing

Posted By: Whitley Boyd In: Clothing Storage
Date: Wed, Oct 12th 2016 11:24 pm

Storage Tips for Seasonal Clothing

As the weather begins to turn, there is always the dilemma of when to put up the summer clothes and when to get out your winter clothes.  And, in many southern climates, the weather is likely to change on a dime and suddenly have unseasonably warm (or sometimes cold) weather.  Here are some tips that I find helpful when I do finally make the commitment to store clothes.

First of all, ask yourself, “if you didn’t wear the item at all during the recent season, do you really want to store it for 6+ months on the change that you may wear it next year?”  This one is always difficult.  However, just think of the good that your clothes could do if you donate them.  And, the fun that you will have shopping for new items.

Secondly, keep certain “transitional” items more accessible in case there is a temporary change of temperatures.

Third, start with a good cleaning.  That’s right.  Wash your clothes before you store them!  Even if they look clean, it can’t hurt.  It is always an unpleasant surprise to unpack clothes only to find a stain or harsh smell that has been setting in the fabric for months.

Forth, choose a location that is cool and well-ventilated.  Hot temperatures aid in setting stains and can cause damage to fibers.

Fifth, maintain a good shape for your clothing.  If left hanging, make sure that you use appropriate hangers that will hold the correct shape and not bend over time.  Also, beware of adding excessive creases that will eventually set in the fabric.  If you are boxing the clothing, a plastic container that can be sealed to be air-tight is best.

While I can’t predict when you should officially change your wardrobe to your fall and winter clothes, I can tell you that it is always a good season for me to help you with your Real Estate needs.  Have you checked your home’s value recently?  Give me a call or email.  I am happy to give you a free market analysis.  

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