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Still living in the past? It may be time to upgrade.

Posted By: Shay Edney In: Move or Improve
Date: Sun, Nov 20th 2016 8:07 am

It’s 1987 & Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction comes out. One of my faves and #27 all time according to Rolling Stone. Men were still rocking long hair, someone tried to put Baby in a corner, The Cosbey Show was #1, and shoulder pads & power suits were in full force. I love the 80s and all the crazy fun that came with it… The real estate landscape had some unique characteristics as well. Wallpaper, recliners, & ferns were everywhere. 

If you are living in a 1980s home (or older), you may be asking yourself, move or improve? As a general rule, improving costs less than trading up depending on what improvements you’re doing. If there’s any chance you’ll move within the next few years, keep your improvements in line with those of other houses in your neighborhood, or risk losing the money when you sell. 

According to Lifehacker, here are the top 10 projects for long-term return on investment: 

  • Entry door replacement: 98%
  • Siding replacement (cement plank): 83%
  • Midrange kitchen remodel: 82%
  • Siding replacement (vinyl): 81%
  • Garage door replacement: 81%
  • Wood deck addition: 81%
  • Siding replacement (foam-backed vinyl): 79%
  • Attic bedroom remodel: 79%
  • Window replacement (vinyl): 78%
  • Bathroom remodel (midrange): 77%

I did not see roof replacement in this particular list but I know that type of upgrade goes a long way with buyers and should also be mentioned. If you have questions about making improvements, buying, or selling, call me today. 

Shay Edney 
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