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Snowden Community

Posted By: Dixie Hagan In: Snowden Community in Mt Pleasant
Date: Thu, Aug 17th 2017 9:49 am

Snowden Welcome Sign Snowden Community

In the middle of all the development of in Mt Pleasant the community of Snowden has managed to hold to the beliefs  that it was founded on for over 125 years Even the streets carry the name of the original founders.  The community is family oriented with some families having five to seven generations  still living on the land.  The community  is filled with pride and when you talk with the folks family and faith are the front and center of the community.  Original founders were farmers who fed their families by farming, fishing crabbing,  and shrimping in the creeks that are around the community.   The names of the families that helped found the community such as Ellis, Palmer, Frazier and the list is many.  The Community Center is a central part of the community to keep the residents aware of events happening around them and a place for the younger children to gather as a learning center.  Established businesses such as Mookie's Barber Shop is good for a haircut and visiting with the local residents..  Developers have been trying to attempt to make an effort to develop some of the land in Snowden but a strong community effort has stalled for the present.  After talking with the local residents it is a good feeling to know that one community still holds true to its heritage.

If you would like more information on the community and the area surrounding Snowden just give me a call Dixie Hagan at 843-729-9878 and I will be happy to assist you.