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Snee Farm Country Club

Posted By: Sandra Yates In: SNEE FARM
Date: Thu, Mar 16th 2017 11:42 am

In continuing information for you about Snee Farm Country Club, I have posted the following for you about the fees and initiation fees that are required to become  a member. There are several different kinds of memberships that you can join.  Also you do not need to be a resident of Snee Farm subdivision/community.  The initiation fees at this time (for a short period of time) has  been reduced so it’s a great time to join as a member.  

Full Golf Membership:

Initiation Fee Full Golf Individual/Family $3,000 dwn to  $2,500,  + mo. fee  $284

* The Full Golf Membership Privileges include:

  1. Unlimited Rounds of Golf -
  2. Cart fees only  $18 cart fee per person for 18 holes,
  3. $9  cart fee per person for 9 holes
  4.  $110  Yearly Range Fee is applicable for all golf members.  
  5. Under the full golf membership you have: Use of Practice Facilities, Club Charging Privileges, Dining Privileges  Reduced Rates for Accompanied Guests, Unlimited Use of 18 Tennis Courts  Use of Swimming Facilities and Classes  Member Tournaments, Social Activities and Events

Swim Memberships Category of Membership Initiation Fee

  1. Monthly Swim Individual/Family initiation fee $500 -    monthly fee $74.50
  2. The Swim Membership Privileges include:  Use of Swimming Facilities and Classes  Club Charging Privileges, Dining Privileges

Social Activities and Events Tennis Memberships Category of Membership Initiation Fee:

  1. Tennis initiation fee Individual/Family initiation fee  $500  -   monthly fee  $109.20

  1. The Tennis Membership Privileges include:  Unlimited Use of 18 Tennis Courts, League and Tournaments  Club Charging Privileges, Dining Privileges,  Use of swimming facilities and classes

Social Activities and Events Social Memberships Category of Membership Initiation Fee Monthly

Social Individual/Family  initiation fee $250  -     monthly  $45

The Social Membership Privileges include:  Club Charging Privileges,  Dining Privileges, $20 per month minimum

Fees for non-resident , dual and triple memberships will be online next week. This information is from Snee Farm Country Club.  Take a drive and see this Club.  You will love it.  A must to see and also the homes that are available in this BEAUTIFUL subdivision, beautiful landscaping, beautiful old trees, ponds throughout the golf course and the wildlife that visit the ponds. So much to say about this community.  If you are looking to be close to the beach , to shopping, downtown Charleston then consider this golf club community.

Call Sandra, I will be happy to help you find the home of your dreams.

Sandra Yates


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