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Snakes, Spiders and Gators, OH MY!

Posted By: Lauren Zurilla In: Lauren Zurilla Charleston REALTOR Blog Post
Date: Wed, Apr 19th 2017 3:34 pm

Snakes, Spiders and Gators, Oh My!   

By now, ya’ll probably all saw the Post and Courier article about the alligator in Mt. Pleasant that climbed up a flight of stairs, onto the screened porch of a home, right?  Craziest thing I’ve ever seen!  This alligator was at least 10 feet long and climbed up 15 steps!!   They eventually had to euthanize the alligator because they couldn’t get him off the porch and keep the rescue team safe.  

 A lot of times, people moving here don’t realize that the “Beware of Alligator” signs in neighborhoods aren’t a joke.  They think that there really isn’t anything in ponds and maybe there’s an off chance that they’ll see one.  However it’s no joke!  I can't tell you how many out of town buyers I've explained this to!  Alligators are as common here in the low country as a bird! They can and are in all of the ponds out there.  So take heed!  And educate your kiddos because mine didn’t realize either how fast they can be.  Tell them that it’s not OK to just wade into the pond to fetch your ball that rolled in, or jump in to grab a fish that’s stuck on your fishing line.  Explain that you can’t taunt or feed them, because then they aren’t threatened by humans.  

That brings me to snakes!  Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that snakes like Copperheads are dangerous and not just gross things that I don’t want to see.  They can easily strike from a bush during mating season or slither through your backyard.  I was BIT, yes BIT by a Copperhead and spent a few days in ICU (St. Francis/Roper Hospital is great, by the way!) and could barely walk for a month (picture of my swollen foot 2 weeks after 'the incident' below)!  Since then, we’ve had at least one more in our backyard!  Just this week a friend of mine had a thick, big snake (see above) cruise past her house on her street - they thought it was a Copperhead or Rattlesnake of some sort as well.  Just watch for them!  They are there and are NO JOKE!   

By the way, I’ve gotten stung by 2 bees and one wasp since I moved here as well, and possibly had a chigger in my leg.  All within 2 years! Crazy huh?  Despite all the scary wildlife here, we have amazing Egrets, Pelicans, Tree Frogs and Geckos – so many cool things.  Don’t let them scare you off!  Every neighborhood in Charleston has these creatures, and the closer you are to the Ocean or Sound, the more interesting things you see. 

Want to know about the differences of each neighborhood around here? Need to understand what’s happening in our real estate market?  I’m happy to explain the ins and outs of it all.  Helping people reach their real estate goals in this area is very rewarding to me and I’m happy to talk to you!  List with Lauren, Buy with Lauren!