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Snagajob = Job Growth

Posted By: Joe Parks In: About the Low Country
Date: Thu, Jul 27th 2017 8:29 am

As I have written in past blog posts, Charleston has placed a high priority on expanding the local technical talent pool. That focus is seeing dividends. Education offerings range from coding boot camps to a four-year computer science program at the College of Charleston to a recently introduced Ph. D. program in computer science at Clemson University’s Charleston campus.

The tech hiring specialist, SNAGAJOB, is playing a critically productive role in this local industry expansion. As stated by Ernest Andrade, Charleston’s Digital Corridor Director, “With forty percent of our tech companies hiring, Snagajob represents one of the Charleston companies that are responsible for the continued robust growth of the software industry here.”

In June of 2016, Snagajob acquired the Charleston tech start-up, Peoplematter. Snagajob, with locations in Washington, DC, Oakland, CA, and Richmond VA, made a decision to grow the company here. Just a year after the acquisition, the Charleston office is firing on all cylinders! Employment applications in the company’s portal have increased 400%. This sets the stage for a dramatic team expansion of their product and engineering team. This is but another example of the enormously positive effect of the tech industry on our overall economy. And for real estate, many of these new hires and their families need a place to live. This bolsters other industries as well, from the sale of furnishings to grocery stores to restaurants to almost any service you can think of.

People ask if we are in a real estate bubble. Statistics say otherwise and certainly not when one factors in growth of industries such as our local tech industry. Folks, it’s not just Boeing, Mercedes and Volvo!

Call me to chat about all that is happening and the positive effects on real estate values. I would love to hear from you!

Joe Parks


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