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Posted By: Ruth faure In: Real Estate Tips
Date: Thu, Nov 17th 2016 10:12 am


What is a spec house?  A builder builds a home without a buyer in hopes that the house appeals to a potential buyer and it will be sold before construction is complete.  Generally the architect fits the neighborhood and extra upgrades are added to appeal to the buyer.

It really pays to have a realtor with you because they know the process and will negotiate on your behalf for the best deal and it does not cost you the buyer anything.

This is a great option if you do not have the time to wait for a home to be built and want new construction and generally you will be pay less than if you purchased and build yourself.  If you come into the process early on, most times you can still choose flooring, colors of cabinets, additional molding, paint colors on walls and upgrade appliances.

Even if the home is complete, a lot of times the builder will change flooring, paint, add molding etc, if they know they have a serious buyer and want to get the home sold.

The best advantage of a spec home is you have more leverage to negotiate price.  So, if you want new construction and are willing to do without every feature you might want in new construction, a spec house is absolutely a great option!

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