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Posted By: Rick Sanchez In: Selling Your Home
Date: Mon, Apr 17th 2017 1:12 pm

Selling a home that has a in-ground pool, can be tricky. There are certain buyers out there that will buy a home with a pool. When buyers come to see your home, they are going to fall into a few groups.

The first set of buyers is going to be people who are in the specific market for a home with a pool. Most of these buyers are actively looking for that perfect home with that perfect pool, with these buyers as long as your pool is in good condition and up to local codes you should be able to sell it with ease, as long as the house is price correctly.

The second set of buyers will be ones that know there is a pool and are interested in seeing it, but not sure if they want the responsibility of a pool and the cost of upkeep. We would hope that they see the house and pool and fall in love with it. With a little preparation on the listing agents’ part, a brief explanation on how easy the pool maintenance is could help ease any apprehensions they might have.

Finally, you will have people that absolutely do not want a pool, maybe they have small children, pets, or simply don’t want the responsibility. 

No matter what the case is, your REALTOR should be able to market the home in a manner that will get it sold.

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