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Posted By: KAREN COLEY In: Seaside Farms
Date: Mon, Dec 26th 2016 4:25 pm

ssfWhen my husband and I left Atlanta, one major reason was the crime was rapidly increasing in our area.  And because crime was so bad, the average wait time after calling 911 was 10 minutes.  We lived on a lake where the community could tie up their small boats on a beach area near a lovely walking trail.  Once the burglars cased out a home, they would cut the boat ties and paddle to the other side of the lake where they could enter a home from the backside.  All the while, their partner-in-crime would be cruising by the house in a car.  Once the burglary took place (or not), the burglar from the lake jumped in the car waiting out front. 

We had an alarm system, weapons, 2 yappy dogs, but none of those made us feel safe knowing it would take 10 minutes or more for help.  I’ll never forget the night we made our decision to move to Mount Pleasant, I asked my husband if we wanted to grow old with burglar bars on our windows.

Last week, I was in my driveway when 5 Mount Pleasant police cars, one being a k-9 unit, came speeding passed.  It seems that a burglar came over from Rifle Range Rd. to break in to the back of one of our neighbor’s house.  Another neighbor happened to see the burglar cutting the porch screen and called 911.  The word in the neighborhood is the police surrounded the area in less than 3 minutes eventually chasing down the kid.  I was amused watching the k-9 dog and his handler.  The officer got Fido excited by commanding, “Let’s go to work!” That’s about the time I decided to stop gawking and get in my house.

One might think this is not an endorsement for my beloved Seaside Farms community.  It IS an endorsement for the brave men and women (and Fido) who can answer a call in 3 minutes and chase down a burglar.  Heck, we still have an alarm system, weapons and 2 yappy dogs.  With all that, we could hold-off some thugs for 3 minutes.