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Posted By: Liz Loadholt In: SC Safe Home Program Insurance Discounts
Date: Sat, Apr 16th 2011 2:22 pm

This post was originally posted on  Mama Liz Blog.

Have you heard of the SC Safe Home Act?  Well, I feel like I have been hiding in a closet somewhere, because I had not heard of it until last week.

Homes in South Carolina  photo

If your home meets certain criteria, you are eligible for up to 25% reduction on your homeowners insurance. I should mention here that not all insurance companies give discounts for this.  Allstate Wally Burbage & Assoc. does .

Also, in some cases, if your home does not meet the criteria, the state of SC will give, yes that is give, you a grant to bring the home up to the standard criteria for a SC Safe Home.

Kirk Bingenheimer is a certified SC Safe Home Inspector in the area and can fill you in on all the deatils. You can also order an inspection to be done on your home online here.

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