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Rivertowne Artist

Posted By: TheMikeandJeanne Team In: Rivertowne Homes for Sale
Date: Wed, Sep 2nd 2015 10:09 am

Rivertowne has many talented people.  I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Taryn McKenzie who lives in Rivertowne and creates beautiful paintings.  Taryn has been painting since she was a little girl and comes from a family of artists.  Her grandfather started Maryland Display Service when he was just 18 years old--back when signs were still painted by hand.  In the summer, Taryn would help paint the signs for the theaters and stadiums in Baltimore.  She enjoyed those days with her grandfather and has fond memories of painting with him. 

Taryn went to school for marketing and is a Harvard Business graduate.  She currently works full-time in Workforce Development but still enjoys painting when she has free time.  She mostly paints for family and friends and creates paintings that have sentimental meaning.  Taryn’s mom would plant a willow tree when someone passed on as a symbol to remember them by.  Taryn carried on that tradition when her best friend’s mother passed away by painting a willow tree for her.  Another painting of sentimental meaning is one of “wishing stars”.  Taryn and her husband had a hard time conceiving their daughter, Skylar, so when she was born Taryn painted a picture of “wishing stars” for her room.  Skylar and Taryn’s son, Mason, are her little wishing stars and now their family is complete.

Taryn has donated some of her artwork to charity by making prints of her paintings.  She recently donated a print of her painting of the Rivertowne Dock for the Ethen Richardson Foundation. The painting was made by the paintbrushes that her grandfather left her after he passed which makes the piece of art even more special.

When asked about Rivertowne, Taryn said “We absolutely love the community dock.  We take a walk almost every single day and always stop at the dock for a picnic.  Looking out onto the Wando River feels like you are worlds away from the stresses of everyday life.  Yet, it’s right here in our own backyard.”

Taryn sells prints of all of her paintings on her Etsy site.  You can see her Rivertowne Dock and Wishing Star paintings, as well as others by visiting

A talented artist right in our subdivision...another reason we love Living Rivertowne