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Review Your Charleston Area Homeowner, Flood, Wind and Hail Insurance!

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston Area Insurance
Date: Thu, Sep 1st 2016 11:21 am

Donna Andreano --- path on beachWell, it's September 1st - we're half way through Hurricane Season!  When was the last time you evaluated your Homeowners Insurance?  It seems every part of our Beautiful Country can be subject to some type of severe weather conditions.  Living here in the LowCountry, especially along the coast, you most likely need Flood Insurance as well as Wind and Hail Insurance. It's always best to be safe but if you don't review your policy from year to year you could be sorry.  

About 6 months ago, I requested quotes from different insurance companies.  Actually, the companies that quoted me are our AgentOwned Realty 'in-house' insurance companies:  Allstate and Alliance.  I had been working at AgentOwned for years and never thought to get a quote for my own home!  I kept renewing the insurance we contracted when we purchased our house seven years prior.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I'd be saving $700 a year!  Yes, it pays to shop around!

If you'd like to get a free, no obligation quote on your home, you can contact Xander Williams with Allstate at 843-881-1921 email  and/or Alex Cowlin with Alliance at 843-284-5683 email They also sell Automobile Insurance so perhaps you can 'bundle and save' even more!

If you don't own a home, I'd be happy to sell you one so you can get a great quote on your insurance!  You can always reach me, Donna Andreano at 843-256-3348, donna.andreano@agentownedrealty or