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Restaurants in Charleston's Upper Peninsula

Posted By: Donna Andreano In: Charleston SC Restaurants
Date: Mon, Mar 27th 2017 4:23 pm

Charleston has more restaurants than you can count!  This week I'd like to show you the choices you have for restaurants and bars in the Upper Peninsula of Charleston. Sure there are burger and wing places but the Upper Peninsula covers pretty much all of your needs.  You can choose from Oysters to Hibachi, some of the best BBQ and more.

Many of the restaurants are within walking distance to each other, so Happy Hour spans blocks!  You can find Happy Hour specials and many happy customers.  And Happy Hour isn't just for Friday anymore - take a drive by any of the places in my slideshow and you'll soon see, hear and feel the buzz... pun intended :) 

The locals living in Hampton Park, Wagener Terrace, NoMo and North Central can walk to these hot spots and stay to enjoy the music and company. That is only part of the beauty of living in Downtown Charleston.  And new restaurants are opening as you're reading this blog post!  

Contact me today so we can find you a home within walking distance to awesome restaurants in the Upper Peninsula of Charleston! 

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Donna Andreano