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Repair Addendum 101

Posted By: Robert Judy In: Repair Addendum
Date: Wed, Aug 23rd 2017 12:57 pm

Let’s talk through a scenario. You finally found your dream home and got it under contract, and just had the inspection. Your realtor tells you to take a look at the home inspection, and pick out what you would like to be fixed before moving in. But what should you ask for? The typical home inspection is a dozen or two pages long, and can be very confusing if it’s your first time looking at one. If you are a client of mine, I will go over the home inspection with you work this out together.

It is important to me that I give my clients a realistic idea of what items the seller will, and should agree to. There is no law about what repairs are mandatory, and honestly none of the repairs are mandatory, it is all up for negotiation. But there are some unwritten guidelines that most realtors follow when it comes to asking for and accepting repairs. I personally like SSS method. The SSS method is a great way of letting you know what you should ask for, that the seller will actually accept. The SSS method is simply only asking for repairs that fall in the Safety, Systems (plumbing/electrical), and Structure category.  If you are looking to educate yourself more on this topic/the world of real estate, or want an agent who is already educated in these areas, reach out to me personally.

Written by: Robert Judy