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Relocating with pets

Posted By: Ute Appleby In: Relocating
Date: Sun, Jul 10th 2016 1:34 pm

relocating_with_pets_Ute_BentleySo, you have decided to move to the Charleston area and consider renting a house or an apartment before you purchase a home. While searching on the Internet or talking to a realtor about places for lease, one can run into obstacles, if the move also involves your pets. Many landlords will allow having fish, frogs and turtles, they might say no to a dog or cat. 

There are many pet-friendly apartments or homes for lease and here are some tips to find the right place: 

Pet-friendly apartments. 

You might find the perfect apartment but at closer look, you stumble upon the landlord’s “no pets policy.” . Please refrain from not telling your landlord that you have a pet. This is a lease violation and you might be asked to vacate with 30 days notice.

It is just easier to apply for rented pads where pets are allowed and this is usually plainly stated in the property listing. Discuss your needs with a property mgmt company or your local realtor. 

Get in touch with a realtor or a property mgmt company 

While searching for a pet-friendly apartment is the easiest way to go, some landlords are fairly lenient and are willing to negotiate on their policy. Address the landlord’s concerns about pets and learn his view on pet-related issues, such as damage to property, infestations, like fleas and ticks, and behavioral disturbances like barking.

Provide references

Most landlords want to see references before they agree to rent an apartment. Landlords want to know in advance that a prospective renter is a good risk, and the same thing goes for his or her pet. Showing up with a reference letter or two from your current landlord or neighbor may help inspire confidence. Having a picture, obedience training records or vet records handy helps too.

Renting with pets might cost extra fees or deposits

Landlords often charge an extra, many times non-refundable pet deposit.  Theses fees are demanded to help defray the costs of any damages your pet may cause. If a landlord is on the fence about accepting you and your pet as a package deal, offering a extra pet deposit may tip negotiations in your favor.

Th mgmt company or the landlord  want to meet your pet

If a landlord is unsure about accepting your pet, arranging a “meet and greet” may help. Taking a pet to meet your prospective landlord allows him or her to see firsthand how well-behaved, clean, and well-groomed your pet is.

Renter’s insurance will be required and is recommend

Many tenants purchase renter’s insurance to provide financial protection against damage to personal property, burglary and injury. Renter’s insurance may also include liability protection that covers you in the event that your pet injures someone. 

So, if you move the Greater Charleston area, feel free to contract me to assist you in leasing a condo or a single family home. You can reach me at mail to: or call me 843-345-2625